The Millennial Mom has arrived and manufacturers and grocers should take note. Entering their third decade and commencing their own families, these moms are reshaping the way brands reach out to them. So who is this mom, and how do they shop?


The Millennial Mom

The Millennial Mom is defined as being between the ages of 18 to 32 years old. Often burdened by student debt and high mortgages, they are forsaking the downtown core for the suburbs where housing is more affordable. In 2014, the Millennials became the largest generation in the Canadian work force.

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A few quick facts about them:

  • On average 77% of babies born in Canada are to Millennials
  • 28.5 is the average age for first time moms with 85% of them having 1-2 children
  • They are extremely well educated. 88% are university or college educated

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Where and How Does Millennial Mom Shop?

Grocery Business and Parents Life Network recently undertook a research study on this influential segment. Despite a wide variety of grocery formats in Canada, only 18% of Millennial Moms feel that grocery stores are geared towards people like them. So where then do they shop? Fifty two percent (52%) of Millennial Moms indicated they discount shop more often since having children and seventy one percent (71%) shop at stores with consistently low prices. Overall, they spend $100 Million monthly with discount shoppers, with Walmart being there preferred destination the past month.

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They are also more likely to engage in nearly every online shopping activity, with 33% of females saying they would buy everything online if they could. Despite their money saving strategies, Millennial Moms still outspend the average Canadian family by $30 / month.

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What Millennial Moms Seek When Shopping

Like most Canadians, Millennial Moms wish to eat healthy and are purchasing quality ingredients at the lowest possible price. In fact, 80% of their food budget is spent on fresh foods for prepared meals at home. So what do they seek when they go shopping? The top 5 items include:


  1. Competitive prices
  2. Fresh produce
  3. Product selection
  4. Convenient location
  5. Customer service

These items correspond to how their shopping priorities have changed since having children.


% Millennial Moms Who Are Shifting Shopping Priorities

Now That They Have Children

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How to Engage With Millennial Moms

The Millennial Mom is digital savvy as they reshaped the way brands reach out to them. For those brands that seek tohappy woman with basket and smartphone in market talk with them, according to a study by web and mobile platform Baby Center, mobile is the place to find them. Not only do they spend 47% more time on their smartphone than Generation X moms, over the past two years, their time spent on a smartphone doubled, whereas time spent on their PC / lap top has declined.

They rely on their phones when looking to make a purchase. Seven in 10 use their smartphone while shopping in-store, allowing them to search for recipes (48%), text photos or videos to friends and family, to ask their opinions (48%) and read product reviews (46%). Fifty eight percent (58%) also say that they pay attention to ads that are relevant to either their life stage or that of their child. Millennial Moms are also strong users of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Implications for Food Brands

Brands must engage in conversation with Millennial Moms. The key for marketers is to clearly illustrate how their brand’s core values correspond with their own and acknowledge their input and influence. The reward is there for marketers. Not only are seventy percent (70%) of Millennial Moms more likely than the general population to endorse a brand to friends and family, sixty eight percent (68%) of moms say posts from another mom are more influential than brand posts.


Final Thoughts

The shift in the Canadian work force has occurred. It is now time for brands to shift their grocery marketing to better align with this important generation of Moms. For those brands that do, there is a reward at the end of the rainbow.


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