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Having worked with brands in competitive sectors, we understand the challenges our clients will encounter. We provide you with 25+ years of hands-on experience of driving brands growth within sectors with formidable competition. We provide our clients with the attention to detail it deserves in the Canadian market.

Our Services

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Market Intelligence & Education

a. The latest Canadian: 1. Grocery, 2. Category, Consumer, and 4. Packaging trends.

b. The costs of doing business in the Canadian grocery sector.

c. Confirmation our principal’s manufacturing credentials satisfy Canada’s Safe Foods for Canadians Act.

"Go-To" Market Strategy

a. “SWOT” analysis.

b. Branded vs. Private label strategy.

c. Complete retail pricing strategy.

d. Confirm your distribution goals.

e. Identify your best sales direction– Broker / Distributor.

f. Secure sales representation that aligns with your distribution goals.

g. Confirm product packaging provides a shelf presence against the competition.

h. Competitive activities.

i. Create effective and cost-conscious trade promotions.

j. Support broker / distributor in achieving retail store listings.

k. GS1 Canada listing assistance.

l. Trade show recommendations and execution.

m. Provide quarterly updates.

Additional Services

a. Confirmation product ingredients conform to Canadian regulations.

b. Trademark certification.

c. French translations.

d. Creation of bilingual packaging.

e. Certification processes. (i.e. Plant-based vs. Plantricious)

f. Marketing plan appraisal.

g. Social media assistance.


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