Food Distribution Guy Interviews Paige Ohliger of Plantricious

Food Distribution Guy’s Richard Baker had the privilege to interview Paige Ohliger, CEO and Founder of Plantricious this past week.

Plantricious was born when a few close friends came together armed with knowledge and an idea; they knew the scientific evidence shows us that, a mostly plant-based diet is not only the best diet for us, it’s also the best diet for our planet. They learned that not all plant-based foods are created equal.

Foods we assumed to be healthy, labeled vegan, vegetarian and plant-based, more often than not, turned out to be highly processed, full of added sugars, sodium, oils and other not-so-healthy ingredients. With over 50% of our nation’s population looking to put more plants in their diet for health reasons, we knew we were not the only ones having this problem.

Their idea – make finding truly healthy plant-nutritious foods easy!

So, they worked with and continue to work with some of the nation’s most respected medical
leaders in plant nutrition, to create guidelines the medical community agrees defines, healthy plant nutritious foods and we created the Certified Plantricious Seal to easily identify them.

Plantricious continually seeks and certifies those recipes, food services and packaged foods that meet our simple but meaningful guidelines.