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Learn about our process, from assessment through to sales that assists small to medium size food businesses get and stay listed in the grocery sector.

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Richard Baker is CEO and Founder of Food Distribution Guy. He is a skilled strategic branding and marketing expert who assists food and beverage manufacturers to break through the competitive landscape in the grocery sector and achieve distribution.


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Richard Baker is an award winning marketer who aims to help small to medium sized food businesses flourish within the ever-growing industry.

He strives to help the business owner fulfill their long term dreams and aspirations.

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Mr. Scott Stevenson

Publisher/ President / Chill Media Inc.

On behalf of Chill Media Inc., I wanted to personally thank you for your diligence, professionalism and attention to detail. The business plans provided for the various divisions will prove invaluable in our planning of the respective launches of the media and digital properties. Continued success, look forward to working with you again Richard!

Mr. Jeff Duggan

General Manager / VIC Johnston Community Centre

Your research was extremely comprehensive, covering not only our local market and competitors, but also sourcing best practices from a variety of comparables in external markets providing us with a broad perspective to measure against. I was impressed with your ability to gather information independently, and then find the relevant information to share with us.

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